Monday, October 29, 2012

Kand nail plate CK-04: take #3

This is my third take on Kand nail plate CK-04, I really like this plate. The base was P2 Blue’s brothers polish and I stamped with Konad special Princess stamping polish Blue Pearl. Here’s what I came up with:





Again I had to stamp my thumb twice, but that doesn’t bother me at all. :) The funny thing I noticed while stamping twice with this Konad polish – when I stamped the first time, the pattern transfered to my nail, but it also stayed on the stamper as well, so I tried to reuse it and I pressed it the second time – the second stamping was more vivid in color, so wierd! I’m thinking, thinner coats of polish on the plate showed more vividness on nails… I have to remember that for the next time. Also, I’ve put top coat on my right pinky, but because it dulled the pattern, I haven’t put it on any other nails. Of course that meant that after 4-5 days the unprotected pattern rubbed away, but I was ready for another manicure anyway. :)

If you like this plate, you can get it here: 42 Cute Patterns Quadrate Nail Art Stamp Template CK-04 and you can use my discount code CHL91

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I know my stamping is still not perfect, but practice helps :) Do you like it?