Sunday, July 22, 2012

Depend magnetic polish #6006

Ahhhh, I had time to try this one out! :)))) This is the first time I applied magnetic polish as a whole manicure, I have some Essence magnetic polishes but I’ve never been able to do a nice pattern – maybe the problem was in the magnet, I’ll have to try again with a Depend one. Anyway, check this beauty out!

With flash:

IMG_4930 IMG_4940 IMG_4944a IMG_4953 IMG_4956 IMG_4966 

And two pictures outdoors, the sun was struggling to shine through the clouds:




I am dying to know what it would look like in the sunshine…

I’ve put two layers on, the second one is magnetized. I didn’t put any top coat on yet because I tried putting it on my right hand and it smudged the design. I’ve read that the magnetic polish has to be completely dry before applying top coat, maybe I’ll try it later on my left hand as well. I really like the formula, it applies really nicely.

Do you own Depend magnetic polishes, do you like it?

Kinetics – Forget-Me-Not polish

As I posted before, this was my first holiday manicure. I bought this polish on a discount, the regular price was 3,99€ and I payed 30% less – 2,8€. It looks sooooooo nice in the bottle, a duochrome, if you could only see what my eyes see and what my camera won’t capture… I tried different settings, but none is perfect :(

Here are some pictures of the bottle. First one in the sun:


Now this was taken indoors, I really tried to capture the duochrome, but the blue is now off and the pictures are blurry:



These colors together are a bit more accurate, but the camera looses sight of the whole duochrome and shows it only in the middle:


Ok, enough of the bottle, here are my nails, first photo was taken indoors with flash and others outdoors on a cloudy day:





I love this color, sadly as I’ve said before, this polish isn’t the best. It is very sheer, I’ve put on three coats and it still wasn’t completely opaque and the tips of my nails were soon worn out as well. No sign of a duochrome on nails. Such a shame for such a beauiful polish :( I’m not gonna give up on it though, I like this blue color with blue glitter too much.

Do you own any Kinetics polishes? What do you think of them?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mashup #1

My first post on more than one subject. :P

I just came back from vacations, I had a great time at the beach every day (oh the sun, the sea….!!), just not enough time for polishes – yup, I’m an addict. :P But I have somehow managed to take some time in the evenings to do some manicures ^ ^

First I’m going to show you what I wore in the beginning. On my hands was Kinetics Forget-Me-Not polish, a blue polish with blue glitter and a purple reflection in the bottle that didn’t really transit to my nails :/

A bottle in the sun (it is so hard to capture the purple shine, you can see it just a little by the “K”):


My nails and the bottle on a cloudy day:


I love this kind of color, but sadly the polish is very sheer, I put on three coats and it still wasn’t completely opaque… :( The tips of my nails were soon worn out as well. Such a shame for such a beauiful polish :( I’ll post more pictures of it in a separate post.

On my feet I wore Essence Show Your Feet 25 Kiss of the mermaid from this year’s Trend Edition:



This is another Essence SYF perfection, I put only one coat on and it was sooo bright :))) On the sun it was neon like, totally right for the summer :))) But maybe I should’ve put two coats of it or at least a top coat on for it rubbed off on the tips in just a couple of days because I wore shoes in the evening :/ Oh well, an excuse for another color… ;)))

While I was on vacations, I run out of cotton pads and decided it would be easier to buy them in a grocery store while buying food than purposely going to the drugstore just for that. I bought Jasmin pads, payed a little less than 1,5€, brought them home, used them and became totally frustrated. These were the pads:


And the reason for my frustration – wherever there was a flower on the pad, it instantly fell apart without much rubbing :/


…and here’s what the pads looked like after some rubbing:


Come on!!


I guess you could say the pads are really sensitive, not that they are meant for sensitive skin :/


Unless you want that to happen to your pads, I would advise NOT TO BUY these. I would get more for less money in a drugstore – lesson learned!

…Afterwards I was in Müller and I saw this, an almost full rack of Essence Miami Roller Girl TE (one shade of polish was missing):


I was excited, but then I realised I don’t really like most of it in person or that I really don’t need it. Nevertheless I bought this:



I’m not really an orange kind of girl, I prefer pink over red, but after swatching both testers of balms on my hand the orange one left a prettier pink than the pink one. Both smelled deliciously like candy though (and I’m a sucker for nice smelling stuff :PP). The balm actually leaves color on lips and it is moisturising, my lips didn’t dry out, yeeeey :))) I payed 2,19€ for it.

Did you get anything from this TE?

That’s it for this post, I hope you liked it! :)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Depend holographic polish nr. 2033 Ocean blue

Yes, I found time to try on my Depend holographic polish Ocean blue and I love it!!

A photo indoors with flash:



And two photos in the sunlight:




The formula is a bit funny in my opinion, it is thick enough, but quite sheer if you put in on in thin layers. Two medium layers would probably suffice, but I put three, because I painted too unevenly – I’ll know next time. And because there is only 5 ml of polish in the bottle, I’m thinking of using this polish for layering.

What do you think? :)))) 

A mini Depend haul – magnetic and holographic polishes

I have to show this!! I am so giddy, I’m like a little child! (IT’S SO FLUFFY, I’M GONNA DIE!! :DDD) I went to take a peek at our DM drugstore, and I saw the new collections from Depend, magnetic and holographic polishes! :drool:

Here are the pictures from the official Depend website:


All of the colors!!! I want them all!!! :droooool:

…of course… not possible ;) I’m on a very tight budget, so I chose to buy just one color of each, the price was 3,45€ per 5 ml polish. I have to say the promo pictures don’t do them justice, you have to see all the colors for yourselves, some of them are really really interesting and unusual! So here are my beauties, magnetic polish nr. 6006 and holographic nr. 2033 called Ocean Blue:





….aaahhhhhh, the beauty! :PPPPP I pressed the magnet to the bottle of the magnetic polish, you can see the pattern in the picture. Can’t wait to paint them on, hopefully I’ll have time to do that soon…

Are you as freaked out about these polishes as I am? :))))

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

NOTD: Bourjois 1 second 09 + Flormar 39

Hello everybody! :)

I painted today’s manicure yesterday before going to bed. I know this is not the best idea, for you never know, what you’ll see on your nails in the morning, (;D) but I can’t help it, there is always something to do during the day that I cannot take time to do my manicure. :/ I got inspired by an Essence Snow white LE polish called Dopey that moonchild posted yesterday. ;) I was at the DM drugstore and I saw the Dopey polish, but decided not to take it for I already own similar polishes, I rather chose to try to make a similar color manicure (oh how I wish to own every single polish there is to own, but unfortunately there has to be a line where you don’t buy everything you cannot afford :/ ) I bought both polishes in june, Bourjois 1 second polish was 50% off and I bought Flormar 39 in Germany.

Now on to the manicure. I painted my nails with Bourjois 09 and put glittery Flormar 39 on my ring finger. The top coat I used was Essence better than gel nails top sealer (I love that it dries my mani quickly!). Because it was already dark outside, here are some indoor pictures with flash:





I like the width of the brush the Bourjois polish has, I don’t like the end of it though. My nails got painted in two brush strikes, but I had trouble near the cuticle, I just didn’t know how to use it properly without having my cuticles flooded. The polish itself is pretty opaque, you can get away with one thick layer of polish if you are precise enough (I was not, I used two). I don’t know how long lasting it is, this morning my index finger chipped a bit. :/ The Flormar is a dream (though a PITA to get off if you don’t use the foil technique ;)) and has a normal brush.

Do you notice how similar the bottles are, but see that Flormar contains 1 ml more? ;)

Here is a today’s photo in the sunlight:



By the end of the day, I couldn’t help but wonder, what would it look like mattified?




I LOOOOOOOVE Bourjois mattified!! I used a S-he stylezone matte top coat, but unfortunately all of these polishes are not compatible, the tips of my nails on the “mattified left hand” were worn out in a matter of minutes. :/ My right hand has perfect nail tips in comparison (exept for the before mentioned chipped index finger). As for the mattified Flormar, I usually like mattified glitter polishes, but this time I miss the glitteriness, so I’m going to paint my ring finger with another Flormar coat... :P

No, the manicure is not like Dopey, so if you want to have it, you can still get it in some stores. But I like what I did and I hope you liked it too! Have fun and stay cool in this summer heat! :)