Friday, May 24, 2013

N.NAIL Cool Galaxy Diamond Hidden Nail Foil review

Last month I was contacted by KKCenterHK online shop and they asked me if I would be willing to test one of their products. I agreed, so they sent me a beautiful nail foil including nail glue to try out. It’s called N.NAIL Cool Galaxy Diamond Hidden Nail Foil [NNAIL-E05] and you can find it HERE

IMG_8108 IMG_8112 
I’ve cut a small piece of the foil, about 3 centimeters (1,2 inches) wide, to work with on one hand. I followed the instructions from the website: I applied nail glue on my nails, waited until it became transparent and then pressed and rubbed the foil on my nails (I rubbed it with a cotton swab, I’ve seen it done this way, I don’t know whether this is the only way to do it, probably not). The foil adhered to the glue and separated in a way that the color transferred and I got left with the clear see-through leftover foil. I was a little bit concerned what would it look like since the foil is 2D and my nails are quite curved, transfer 2D to 3D and you can end up with lots of wrinkles… anyway, I guess you get skilled with practice, but I was quite pleased with the result:

I played with the leftovers from my small piece of foil on my thumb just to see what it would look like to have a scrambled pattern. Here’s what I’ve learned: you can use your leftovers, but be careful not to press the clear part of the foil to the glue – it sticks to it and by pulling it off you end up removing the glue as well =/ I had to reapply it on some areas. I also tested three different topcoats on my thumb only, just to see how they react to it – one crumbled it a little bit, there were differences in glossiness but none of those three cracked it as I’ve heard some top coats might. In my opinion the best result was when I used Essence Studio Nails Allround Talent polish whereas Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer made it look duller and Manhattan Pro Care Nail Repair polish crumbled it. I suggest trying different ones you own to see which one works the best. I also noticed that you have to apply it without too much dragging the brush across the nail for the brush started to pick up color from the foil.

I was planning on taking photos of the manicure without the top coat on the next day in daylight since again I’ve done this at night. Before going to bed I took a shower and to my horror I’ve noticed the water ruined my manicure. The thumb protected by topcoat was intact though. ABSOLUTELY USE THE TOP COAT! I used it then immediately to save what was left to save, after putting top coat on the foil stayed sealed. Here are the photos taken on the next day in daylight… =(

From afar it was not as noticeable, but it was not at all as pretty as before…

And one close-up:

It removes very easily with polish remover, you can correct any application mistakes with a brush and remover just as a regular polish. I know I’ll have a great time using this again and again because it is so pretty! You live and you learn and practice makes perfect, I’ve learned a lot by trying it in the first place, I can’t wait to experiment more with it! =)

Have you tried any foils yourself? Do you like it?

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Misslyn Velvet Diamond 85

Ahhh, I’ve been neglecting my blog so much… I’m sorry, but I guess my lifestyle now is completely different from the one I had one year ago. In the last month I was so busy I actually wore bare nails several times… and lately when I do my manicure, I’m having trouble with bubbles forming, it sucks =//

Today I will show you what I’ve promised to show some weeks ago (how time flies!). I love these new Misslyn Velvet Diamonds polishes, so far I’ve bought 5 shades =P The first one I wore though was the royal blue one, number 85. The application was simple to my surprise, I was expecting a thick formula and it’s not, plus it dries quickly too. The polish lasted on me for days, it only slightly wore off on my tips. Here are the photos (again, after wearing the polish for days, since I had no time at all to take fresher photos), first one in the shade:


…and in the sun:



I’ve posted this last one to show you how this polish sparkles in the sun even though it’s matte and gritty. =) Don’t you just love this? =)) But wait! I was about to change my manicure and I wondered what it would look like with a clear glossy top coat on. As I expected it was very top coat thirsty, it needed two thick coats to be smooth, but oh my god it took my breath away! Again, the first photo was taken in the shade:

The ultimate beauty was shown in the sun:



Again, sorry for the tip wear, but are you as mad about this one as I am? =))