Sunday, April 28, 2013

Just an Instagram photo of Misslyn 85 Velvet Diamond polish…

…to quickly check in ;P I will write a full review on this amazing Misslyn polish, but for now, just a quick snapshot:

I have been wearing this since Tuesday… today (Sunday) I put the top coat on all nails but the thumb just because I was curious… OMG it’s SOOOOOO sparkling in the sun! It’s a must have polish if you like this color!! =))

Thursday, April 4, 2013

USA haul #2 – I’m back! ;)

I can’t believe it’s been more than a month since I’ve last posted, how time flies! Meanwhile I got my wish come true, I went to USA for almost two weeks on a business trip and luckily we’ve had some spare time to go around sightseeing and shopping =)) I’ve got a smart phone now so I finally created an Instagram account (username ColorfulHarmony) but I haven’t actually tried taking a picture yet… :blush:

Anyway, I was amazed to see Sephora in NYC, they did my make up and I bought two quite expensive products because I liked them on me a lot, a Stila primer and a Make Up For Ever liquid foundation. Then I hit every drug store I had time to go to and boy did I have stuff to see and to buy!! =)))))) My friends of course teased me but I don’t care ;)) Here is a picture heavy post of my second USA haul! ;)

Here are some Elf, Wet’n’Wild and Hard Candy stuff:


I forgot to include my new Covergirl mascara, I took this photo before I opened it:

Some more Elf =) I bought the first Chap Stick (Cherry) on a gas station and I loved it immediately so I bought some more at the mall… I loved the Q-tips packaging so that had to be mine as well =P

Here are the Sephora goods and some other make up… btw, everything is cheaper there, the Revlon lip butter cost me 6,5$ which is what, 5€? Here in Slovenia it’s around 10€…


Aaaaand here are the polishes =)) The first ones I bought in Forever 21 store =)))

OPI polishes cost 8,5$ which is somewhere 6,5€, here they cost 13€ per bottle!!! I finally indulged in Liquid sand OPI without feeling guilty… ^ ^ Nicole by OPI was cheaper, 6,5$.


Pure Ice beauties and Mattése Elite polishes:


I finally got some regular H&M polishes =)


Sinful Colors!! <3 Love love love love them!

…some of these…

…and some more polishes… I know, I’ve got a problem…

My first China Glaze polishes! =))

And how could I say no to something like this!! Check this out!!


I tried it on my nail wheel but it actually doesn’t impress as much when it’s applied, it’s matte duller (not that neon) green with glitter (maybe you have to use up one color at a time?), the smell is nice at first but then it’s like smelling a perfume gone bad, it has an additional “gonebad” smell… I don’t know, I’ll have to try it for real I guess, the bottle looks amazing though =)

I bought some of the products in pairs for an eventual giveaway and I might give away some of my stuff as well, in the end I see that it all might be a little bit too much for me… =P First I have to learn how to do it with the Rafflecopter and that, I’m not there yet… ;)

All in all I loved the experience of USA, loved the sightseeing and shopping, but it’s true it’s always nice to come back home – I do hope to go back one day soon though… ;)

Hope you liked this post, be sure to see some of this stuff in my upcoming manicures! =)