Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vollare cosmetics Joy polishes – yay or nay? Joy 244 shimmery yellow

Hey hey, I am sorry, but I have a crazy time schedule at the moment, so I had to prepare a few posts upfront with some of my past manicures I wasn’t able to publish yet. I hope you enjoy my posts, and I hope to get back on track as soon as possible. Thanks for understanding! :)

When the feeling of summer was slipping away and I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to it yet, I searched for a beautiful shimmery yellow polish. I couldn’t find any shade that I liked until the cheap Joy polish found me in the store, it cost less than a Euro. I was so happy I found the perfect color for me, I don’t really like the creamy yellow on my nails. :P Here’s the photo of the bottle:


Because I don’t have the time during the week anymore to sit down and spend hours doing my manicure, waiting for the polish to dry, I put it on before going to sleep – it was the only time I had and I really wanted to wear it. By the time the polish on my right hand was touch dry, I tested my left hand and just a light touch made it slip away from my nail completely. :/ I pushed it back on, but then I had to go to bed, I was losing the precious time to sleep as it was, even though on the other hand I was worried what my manicure would look like after a whole night of sleep.


To my surprise I woke up and other than that middle finger disaster from the past night all the other nails remained perfect! Now I am puzzled, do I like these cheap polishes or not? I had a bad experience before, but this yellow was just the one I was looking for…

IMG_5649 IMG_5653

What are your experiences with these cheap Vollare polishes?


  1. O, super odtenek. Pravi za prehod iz poletja v jesen, ker ni preveč živ in hkrati ni gorčično rumen. Dobro si izbrala. :)

    Jaz imam nekaj njihovih lakov, ki sem jih predvsem uporabila za mešanje nekih svojih odtenkov. Obnesli so dokaj korektno, ampak nič posebnega. Mogoče če bi našla res zanimiv odtenek, bi vzela še kakšnega. Sicer me puščajo ravnodušno.

  2. Sicer nisem navdušena nad rumenimi odtenki, ampak tale mi je res lep.
    Glede Vollare lakov, pa tudi sama nisem ravno navdušena. Imam enega ampak mislim, da sem ga uporabila enkrat in nič več :)