Sunday, March 3, 2013

Zoya – Aurora stamped with MASH #46

Of course I couldn’t leave my new stamping plates alone, after one day of wearing Zoya Aurora by itself I decided I want to stamp it as well. First I thought I would stamp all nails but then I changed my mind because this polish is too beautiful to cover it all up. I chose a simple and elegant flowery pattern and stamped my thumb and ring finger nails on both hands with Manhattan Liquid metals LE silver polish 101Z. The images are way bigger than my nails so I had to improvise how to place the pattern on my nail. The stamping was super easy, these Mash plates are amazing! The first image I stamped was crisp and perfect, so was the second one, my lack of stamping skills then showed in my third and fourth attempt and I had to somehow re-stamp on the existing image – it turned out great anyway. Unfortunately there was no sun when I took these first pictures:

IMG_7529                                                                       Daylight (re-stamped image)

IMG_7534                                                                     Daylight – with a little bit less of light

IMG_7541                                                                   The original image (not re-stamped)

IMG_7548                                                                                        In detail

IMG_7562                                                                            Under artificial light

IMG_7573                                                                            Under artificial light

As I’ve mentioned in the previous post, I had no time to change this manicure during the week, but I really didn’t want to change it anyway (even today I’m still wearing it!). The last days have been sunnier so yesterday I took more photos of the same manicure (mind you, 7 days old!!) in the sun:



I think the pictures have done all the talking. Zoya Aurora is just great and so are the MASH stamping plates.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

NOTW: Zoya – Aurora

Yeah, nails of the week. Because the polish is so beautiful and the sun has just started to shine in the last few days, plus, I have absolutely no spare time to change my manicure during the week. This polish was a part of my USA haul I told you about in one of my previous posts (here). I am happy to announce that my wish is about to come true, I will be absent in the second half of March (hopefully I’ll be able to schedule some posts in the meantime), I’m going to USA baby! =))))) It will be a business trip so I don’t know how much of a spare time I’ll have, but I sure hope to find some goodies to bring back with me. =PP

Ok, back to the Zoya, last weekend when I did this manicure the weather was cloudy, so the photos are what they are. Check it out anyway!





The last photo was taken under the artificial light but there was still some natural light (dusk) outside, that’s where the blue shine comes from. I have been wearing this for the whole week (today is the 7th day) and there is only minimal tipwear. The quality of this polish is truly amazing, I have no complaints whatsoever. Two coats that dried normally quickly, sealed with a top coat (Essence Better than gel nails). This baby of course shines like crazy under the sun with all of the holo particles, I’ll have to show you pictures of that some other time. Thanks for tuning in! =)

Friday, March 1, 2013

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