Sunday, April 20, 2014

Shimmer Polish Giveaway Winner – ME! #2 Courtney

As I’ve shared in my previous post (here), I was amongst the winners of a Shimmer Polish giveaway, wooohooooo! =))) I got two of her amazingly beautiful polishes, Cleo and Courtney, as a reward:


Today I’m showing you the second one of the two Shimmer polishes, Courtney:



I love love love glitters! But I have to admit upon looking at both of these polishes, I immediately fell completely in love with Cleo, but was a bit unsure of Courtney because of all the different colored glitter, which are in a clear base. I painted two layers of polish and was immediately taken over by it =))) See for yourself! ;)






Even though this polish was somewhat out of the box for me, I ended up liking it so much, there were days I picked it over Cleo!! =P And it looks so good with only two layers, it didn’t bother me at all that my nail line was peeking from under it here and there (otherwise I would paint more layers to cover it all completely up)! =)) So there you go, Shimmer polishes are definitely amongst the prettiest polishes I own. And I have plenty. Really. A lot!

You can order her polishes on her website, there are so many to choose from, and they are super gorgeous!! Be sure to check them out! You can check out the swatches on her Pinterest: and you can also follow her on Facebook:

Thanks again Shimmer Polish!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Shimmer Polish Giveaway Winner – ME! #1 Cleo

I am a winner of a giveaway??? =D I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a post from Shimmer Polish ( on Facebook ( that Colorful Harmony is among the winners of her giveaway. I thought for sure it had to be someone else with the same name, I’ve never won anything before (oh, I’ve tried!! =D). And now it turned out to be true!!! ^ ^

I owe a huge huge apology to Shimmer Polish for not posting this post back in November (!) when I got two of her amazingly beautiful polishes, Cleo and Courtney:


The fact is I haven’t posted anything since November 2013! =( Thank god for some holidays to make up for the lost time…
Today I’m showing you the first of the two Shimmer polishes, Cleo:




I mean OMG!!! How pretty is this! And how it shines on my nails!!! DROOOOL!!! I adore glitter polishes, as you can see this one is teal and holographic glitter in a purple base. Oh how I wish I could end this post with an accurate colored photos… yet again, my camera has it’s own ideas of what purple is… I’ve tried everything except photoshopping them. In the end I decided to post them as they are, but keep in mind that the pictures above are more color accurate. I’ve used Essence peel off base because of all the glitters, and two layers of Cleo. The drying time is normal, but I’ve also used Essence BTGN top coat to speed it up. Gosh how pretty this is (but damn the camera’s non accurate colors)!!







I literally couldn’t stop staring at my nails!! This is definitely one of the prettiest polishes I own. My favorite colors are blue/teal and purple/pink, so Shimmer Polish couldn’t have picked better for me. =)
You can order her polishes on her website, there are so many to choose from, and they are super gorgeous!! Be sure to check them out! You can check out the swatches on her Pinterest:

Thanks again Shimmer Polish!!!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Slovenian bloggers post – 45/2013 (4. - 10. 11. 2013)

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Deja celebrated 1 year after Lasik eye surgery.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

NOTD: Catrice Mona Lisa is staring back + Essence Hey, Nude!

I hope you’re not too sick of my reviews I’ve been posting lately… the truth is, deadlines make things happen, if I don’t have a deadline, months can go by without me finding the time to post anything. And it’s not that I don’t want to, it’s the fact that it does take that much time. I used to have it as a student, I can imagine myself being a student again (not in the exam era though) and spending hours a day doing manicures, make up and blogging, gosh that would be really nice =) However I graduated and made my everyday full of obligations, I could lay on the couch every day after work but apparently I don’t really want to (ohhh, but the thought sounds soooo promising! =P). My manicures take the toll as well – I change them once a week and lose sleep (literally) because of it. Today’s manicure is no exception – I had no time to do the whole nail routine, so I just twisted up the one I had been wearing for 6 days…

So today I am showing you a polish that I bought myself, I finally found this one on the shelf of Mueller – ever since it was released, it kept being sold out in every store I went to… now it’s mine, Essence Sparkle Sand Effect in Hey, Nude! =) I’ve read it in reviews that it is sheer, so I thought this would be perfect to layer over my last manicure I showed you in my previous post – Catrice Mona Lisa is staring back. I left the accented nails with nail stickers untouched and here’s the result:

I wore this for 3 more days before taking it off. I was amazed at how well it stayed on my nails for the whole time! I had 1 layer of base polish Essie Nourish me, another layer of Essie Fill the gap (I don’t know exactly why I keep using the latter, I thought it was a ridge filler, it is and it isn’t, still figuring it out – but it bubbles like crazy, thankfully on the “inside” of the surface), then it was 3 layers of Catrice Mona Lisa is staring back, a layer of top coat Essie Good to go, and then another layer of Essence Hey, Nude! – 7 layers!!

I like this manicure a lot =) What do you think? =)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

2D nail stickers review – ocena nalepk za nohte

Danes imam za vas pripravljeno oceno nalepk za nohte, ki sem jih dobila v oceno s spletne drogerije Moja Drogerija.

Today I have prepared for you a review of nail stickers I was sent from Slovenian internet store Moja Drogerija.

Nalepke za nohte rada dodam k nežni manikuri, po mojem mnenju lepo pašejo zraven =) Tokrat sem uporabila Catrice lak Mona Lisa is staring back, ki ga (žal) ne proizvajajo več. Gre za kožni lak, ki je precej prosojen, zato sem morala nanesti tri plasti, da sem dosegla dobro prekrivnost. Nalepko sem odlepila s podlage s pomočjo dobre pincete, da je nisem poškodovala, in jo previdno namestila na prstanec.

When it comes to nail stickers I love having a subtle manicure, I think they go along gorgeously =) For this mani I chose Catrice’s polish Mona Lisa is staring back, which has (sadly) been discontinued. It’s a nude polish that is not too opaque, I had to paint it in three layers to reach the desired opacity. I used a pair of good tweezers to gently remove the sticker from the packaging and carefully applied it to my ring finger.

Čeprav so nalepke označene kot 2D, so na nohtih rahlo 3D pred uporabo nadlaka. Z nadlakom sem nato nalepki na obeh rokah zavarovala pred predčasno odstranitvijo. Za popoln 2D efekt bi potrebovala še kakšno plast, vendar me grbinica, kjer je kamenček, ni motila. Je pa zanimivo, da je po nanosu nadlaka nalepka izgledala, kot da se je pogreznila v barvni lak.

Even though the stickers are called 2D, they were a little bit 3D until I used a top coat to protect them from getting off prematurely. I would probably have to use another coat to reach the true 2D effect, but the bump where the small rhinestone is didn’t bother me at all. What was interesting to me was that after the use of top coat the sticker looked as if it sunk into the colored polish.
Osebno imam rada takšne nalepke, ki so zelo diskretne, ampak krasen dodatek k nežni manikuri. Nosila sem ju 9 dni brez problema. Pri odstranjevanju sama uporaba odstranjevalca laka ni bila dovolj; ko se je plast nadlaka raztopila, sem ju morala odlepiti z nohta na enak način, kot sem ju nanesla. Zame so te nalepke čista desetka – krasne, ugodne, enostavne za uporabo in vzdržljive. Najdete jih tule.

I really like this kind of discrete stickers, they go along with a nude manicure perfectly. I wore them for 9 days without a problem. The use of polish remover alone did not suffice to remove them; when the top coat layer dissolved I had to peel them off in the same way I applied them. For me this stickers are a perfect ten – they look amazing, they are cheap, easy to use and durable. Slovenian readers can find them here.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Micro Cell 2000 nail rescue oil review – ocena olja za obnohtno kožico

V današnji objavi vam bom predstavila olje za obnohtno kožico znamke Micro Cell 2000, ki mi je bilo poslano v oceno s strani spletne drogerije Click2Chick – ponovno so me izbrali kot eno od ambasadork meseca, tokrat za mesec oktober =)

Today’s review is about a Micro Cell 2000 nail rescue oil that was sent to me from Slovenian internet drugstore Click2Chick, since I got chosen to be one of the ambassadors of the month again =)

Na spletni strani je navedeno:
Vsebuje visoko kakovostna rastlinska olja, vitamine A, B5, C, E & F, kremen in citral.Ta edinstvena kombinacija zgladi in ščiti obnohtno kožico pred izsušitvijo in omogoči hranljivim izvlečkom prodreti globoko v sredico nohta in ga obnovi s potrebnim oljem. Hrani in navlaži nohte in jim obnovi naravno prožnost ter varuje konice pred lomljenjem in cepljenjem.
Nanos: Nanesite na očiščene nelakirane nohte in dobro vmasirajte. Umijte in osušite roke pred nanosom laka.

Upoštevala sem navodila in ga nanesla na očiščene nelakirane nohte, pri čemer sem opazila, da jih olje s svojo barvo rahlo rumenkasto obarva:

On the web page it says:
Nail rescue oil contains high-quality plant oils, vitamin A, B5, C, E & F, silica and citral. This unique combination soothes and protects the cuticles from drying out and replaces missing nail oil in the nail plate. The nails are moisturized, well maintained and retain their natural flexibility, which protects against chipping and tearing of the nail tips.
Application: Apply on unvarnished and cleaned nails and massage in gently. Before application of nail polishes, wash and dry hands and nails thoroughly.

I followed the instructions and applied it on my unvarnished and cleaned nails, I’ve noticed that the oil’s color leaves them looking a bit yellowish:

Nato sem olje nežno vmasirala in pustila nekaj časa, da se vpije.

Then I gently massaged it in and let it absorb for some time.

Pred nanosom katerega koli laka je seveda potrebno roke oprati. Olje ima zelo blag prijeten vonj po citrusih. Po enomesečni uporabi ugotavljam, da svojo nalogo dobro opravlja, ob redni uporabi je obnohtna kožica nahranjena. Minus, ki ga olje ima, je ta, da se ne vpije najhitreje (ni pa tako počasen kot npr. Lemony Flutter od LUSHa), drugi minus pa je precej visoka cena. Kljub siceršnji pozitivni oceni ne vidim, v čem je to olje toliko boljše od cenejših konkurenčnih, ki prav tako dobro opravijo svojo nalogo. Morda so moji nohti trenutno že sami po sebi v tako dobrem stanju (trkam po lesu), da ne vidim bistvene razlike. V kolikor bi ga želeli testirati sami, ga lahko naročite tule.

Before applying any nail polish you absolutely need to wash your hands. The oil has a gentle lovely scent of citruses. After a one month use I can say that it does it’s job well, if you use it regularly the cuticles are moisturized. The minus it has is that it takes some time to absorb (however it is not as slowly absorbing as for example Lemony Flutter from LUSH). The other minus is the relatively high price it has. Even though I give it a positive review, I can’t see in what way is it better than oils from other manufacturers that are cheaper and do the job just as good. Maybe my nails are now in a too good condition by themselves (knocking on woods) that I don’t see the difference. Slovenian readers can test for themselves by ordering it here.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Slovenian bloggers post – 43/2013 (21. - 27. 10. 2013)

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