Thursday, October 25, 2012

NOTD: P2 – My place or yours?

Hy! It’s time I show you the first beauty that my boyfriend brought me from Germany :) For those who have not seen my previous post, here is the picture of both polishes he got me (this photo was taken under the sunlight):


Now here’s what 544 My place or yours looks like on my nails (unfortunately the weather was bad when I was taking photos and my nails were photographed under artificial lighting only – but it is close enough):

IMG_5862 IMG_5869 IMG_5883

It’s violet with tiniest pink and blue shimmer. On the bottle it says “ultra schnelltrocknend” which means it’s ultra fast dry, and it really is a fast drying polish, but with a funny formula, it’s very thick. It bothered me, that the polish on the “brushstick” above the bristles of the brush was getting goopy while I was painting my nails, it seems a bit of a waste to me. However, when I accidentally bumped my finger and smudged my not yet completely dry polish, all it took was another layer of it on that finger and there was no sign of the accident – the polish is that thick (and I didn’t have to wait for ages for all the layers to dry). The brush is flat and it says on the bottle that that enables you a perfect application – I disagreed, but I think the formula is to blame. I had a lot of cleaning up to do, but when I was done with it, I loved it :))) P2, you are completely forgiven, for the shade you made is just gorgeous!! What do you think? :)


  1. Jp, imela sem prav. Odtenek je nadkrasen. <3

  2. Čudovit odtenek, čisto jesenski :)

  3. Čudovit! Si pa srečka, da ti fant nosi lake in Nemčije. :D
    Okej, pravkar sem se spomnila, da jih meni fant iz Nemčije prinese vsakič, ko gre na obisk k družini. Opla. Ampka mu še nikoli nisem rekla za P2, kak sem neumna -.-

    1. Sej sem res srečna :))) Hehehe, no vidiš, tudi ti si ;))) Ma jaz sem vedla, da s P2 nima kaj dosti sfalit, ker sem prej mela samo en lak od P2. :)