Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My newbies #1

Hy all! :) I’m really tired from not getting enough sleep, but I want to do this post as the last thing I do today– I want to show you some new nail polishes I got recently. I know I’m a nail polish hoarder, but painting my nails and watching my painted nails gives me such joy, color makes me happy :) When I was a student, I used to be a marker hoarder, all of my notes were in all colors, it was much easier to study that way and I kind of felt like a kid coloring a coloring book, it motivated me :)) I still have my drawers full of paper in all colors, empty notebooks, pens and markers, but I don’t need them anymore since I graduated. I guess I’m compensating that with nail polish now :)))
Anyway, let’s get down to business. First two polishes are from my boyfriend :))) He bought them for me when he was in Germany, I was so happy :)))) Even though my nail polish obsession seems funny to him, he supports me, isn’t that sweet? :))))) Check out the beauties of P2:


He said he didn’t know which ones to get :D so he took the ones that were on the shelf with the sign “NEW” :D These are 532 Blue’s brothers and 544 My place or yours? They are very dark but shine in the sun :)))
The second one is my first OPI! Yes, I’ve bought an OPI! :D It was on sail, all of the shatters are on sail, but to me it is still expensive, it was 40% off, 7,8€, but I’ve bought it the day I received my first paycheck ^ ^ Here’s OPI Turqoise shatter:


The third one has been on my wish list for a long time and a dear friend of mine bought it for me when she was in London. When I wanted to pay for it, she insisted it was a gift from her :)) <3 I’m talking about Barry M Indigo:


Next ones are the ones that caught my eye in the drugstore: Depend shatter polish nr. 5013 – purple with golden shimmer and Depend polish nr. 313 – a violet polish with green shimmer:


Also bought with my first paycheck was H&M polish “Oh la la” – a coral shade with golden shimmer. You can only see a hint of a shimmer on this photo, I’m sorry for that :/


And I’ve chosen only one polish from Essence’s LE Class of 2013, the blue one named Rules of being cool:


I really have to stop myself from buying most of the stuff from limited editions, because I know I already own so many beautiful things – this applies both to polishes and make up (but I did buy two eyeshadow pens from this collection, 01 Want to be my freshman and 03 Blues of being cool, and I really like them, they stay intact for hours on my fairly oily lids). I’m so proud of myself for not buying anything from Catrice’s Big city life LE yesterday, and I had a full rack of stuff in front of me… it was all so pretty, but for every eye shadow, blush or polish I could remember having similar shades at home (and using them only from time to time).

Ahh, now I can’t wait to paint my nails with these polishes! :))) Do you own any of these as well? How do you like them?


  1. Bojfrend je izbral krasna p2 odtenka. :D Pohvalno!
    In videti je, da bo nekaj tvojih bodočih manikur modro obarvanih. :)

    1. Modro, ki te ljubim modro :)) Ja izbral je dve moji najljubši barvi :)))