Wednesday, June 5, 2013

NOTD: Hard Candy for Fuchsia Glamour

I know a lot of polish addicts are really into indie polishes with matte glitters, I am only beginning to like them. That said I was surprised when in USA I couldn’t resist buying a top coat polish from Hard Candy called 651 Black The Optional. Matte glitter in (or on top of) cream finish polishes were always “blah” to me, I wasn’t interested, it seemed too dull. Well I guess taste changes through time =) I had to have this one! When I came back to Slovenia the L’Oreal stands surprised me with a very similar version of this one, the famous “Confettis”. Well this one is a little bit different and I like it better ^ ^ I accented my ring finger and my thumb on the existent manicure I showed in the previous post and here is the result:

The easiest way to get this glitter on the nail is to blotch it on, I did have to fish it out a bit. The Confettis polish doesn’t contain these small sticks that’s why I think my polish is better. =P It is true though that some of them were sticking out from the surface and annoyed me so I pulled them off, thankfully with no harm done to the manicure =) What do you think? =)

Monday, June 3, 2013

NOTD: NYC 148 Fuchsia Glamour

Today I’ll show you another one of my polishes from USA. I’m not sure about the price anymore but I know this one was ridiculously cheap, about 1$. I knew I wouldn’t have time to do my manicure during the week so I chose this one because it’s work appropriate. The weather conditions were bad for taking photos but I’ve managed to catch some sunrays in between =) Here are the photos, you can see some were taken when the sun was out and some when it hid behind the clouds:

IMG_8227 IMG_8228 
IMG_8234 IMG_8235 IMG_8239 IMG_8240
The polish is very sheer so I painted it in three layers, but I suspected it was going to be like that beforehand. I got a bubble here and there because of the layers but nothing horrible. I had to apply it carefully to nicely even it out as it is usually the deal with these kind of milky colored polishes, but I had no bigger problems with that either. What surprised me was the durability of this one, today (Sunday – I’m scheduling this post =P) it’s the eighth day I’m wearing it and even the tip wear is minimal to nonexistent! (I do plan to finally change my manicure today though =D) Later on I upgraded this manicure which I’ll show in the next post… =) Thanks for checking it out! =)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

NOTD: Sinful Colors 113 Dream On + 1164 Star Dust

It’s weekend again and I haven’t changed my manicure in a week, let alone wrote anything for my blog. Even the weekend is busy for me (even though I haven’t gotten to all of my duties yet), but I really wanted to begin showing you the goodies I bought in March in USA. First to show are two Sinful Color polishes, I love Sinful Colors, they cost 2$ per bottle (something like Essence here) and are sooooo pretty… What I don’t like is that there is no notation on the bottle what the finish is like, I had no idea I bought a matte polish (I would like to have more of those, but you can’t know which one is which in the store). A friend of mine for example bought a pink matte polish (which I bought later as well, not really knowing it’s the same one, I forgot to ask about the name) with the name “Cream Pink”??

My camera had it’s own ideas about the colors it took again. First I tried to correct the photos but either the color was still off or the photo became too distorted. That’s why I chose to show you the photos as they are, and show you what the color is really like just on one finger.

The 113 Dream On polish is a purple matte polish which dries very fast so you have to work quickly. The application was a bit problematic because of that, it was a bit hard to level it out. It could be used in one layer but I had to use two. It’s also advisable to buff your nails prior to applying this polish because every bump is shown with it. But the color and finish are so nice! =) After it was on I applied the beautiful glittery 1164 Star Dust to my accented nail. =)

Just to show you what the real color of the Dream On polish is like, here’s the photo with photo shopped pinky:

And here are the rest of the photos:

IMG_8011 IMG_8012 
Even though I bought so many polishes in USA now I wish I bought more… =PPP Yup, I’m Colorful Harmony and I’m an addict!