Monday, October 29, 2012

Kand nail plate CK-04: take #3

This is my third take on Kand nail plate CK-04, I really like this plate. The base was P2 Blue’s brothers polish and I stamped with Konad special Princess stamping polish Blue Pearl. Here’s what I came up with:





Again I had to stamp my thumb twice, but that doesn’t bother me at all. :) The funny thing I noticed while stamping twice with this Konad polish – when I stamped the first time, the pattern transfered to my nail, but it also stayed on the stamper as well, so I tried to reuse it and I pressed it the second time – the second stamping was more vivid in color, so wierd! I’m thinking, thinner coats of polish on the plate showed more vividness on nails… I have to remember that for the next time. Also, I’ve put top coat on my right pinky, but because it dulled the pattern, I haven’t put it on any other nails. Of course that meant that after 4-5 days the unprotected pattern rubbed away, but I was ready for another manicure anyway. :)

If you like this plate, you can get it here: 42 Cute Patterns Quadrate Nail Art Stamp Template CK-04 and you can use my discount code CHL91

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I know my stamping is still not perfect, but practice helps :) Do you like it?

Sunday, October 28, 2012

NOTD: P2 – Blue’s brothers

Today I get to show you the second polish that my boyfriend brought me from Germany. Again I will post the same photo as before, the two polishes in the sun:

And here is the Blue’s brothers on my nails:




Aaaaaaaah. gorgeous!!!!

I’m so sorry I couldn’t get any photos in the sun. As for the formula it has the same issue as P2 – My place or yours?, it’s very thick and it dries fast. The polish on the “brushstick” above the bristles of the brush gets goopy while I paint my nails because of it’s fast dryness, but even though I had a hard time being precise with the application and had to do a lot of cleanup afterwards, the color is so worth it!

What do you think? :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kand nail plate CK-04: take #2

I played with my new stamping plate from Born Pretty Store again, the base polish is P2 My place or yours? and for stamping I used Essence nail art magnetics 01 Miracle shine. I smudged the design a little bit on some fingers at the beginning of stamping, but I got a hang of it after stamping about three fingers. Later on I actually liked it like that (see the pinky of my left hand), but I was also lazy and had no time to obsess with perfection at night, that’s why I was ok with it not being perfect. But if you have a problem with stampings not being 100%, just skip this post ;) (btw, a colleague of mine has a saying, “there is emptiness in perfection” ;))

Left hand:


Right hand:


I don’t exactly know where I was looking when I stamped the middle finger of my right hand, I missed the center totally :D But then I just filled the bald spot in with the other side of the stamp, so the pattern is a actually cut in half. And again, I liked it. :) The patterns are just big enough for my small nails, I actually managed to place the pattern on my left thumb in dead center of the nail and it was big enough. However I wasn’t as precise on my right hand thumb so I had to stamp it twice.

You can find this plate here: 42 Cute Patterns Quadrate Nail Art Stamp Template CK-04 and here’s my review of it – click. For ordering anything you can use my code for discount, CHL91. Thanks! :)

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How do you like this manicure? Are your stampings always immaculate? Thanks for your comments! :)

NOTD: P2 – My place or yours?

Hy! It’s time I show you the first beauty that my boyfriend brought me from Germany :) For those who have not seen my previous post, here is the picture of both polishes he got me (this photo was taken under the sunlight):


Now here’s what 544 My place or yours looks like on my nails (unfortunately the weather was bad when I was taking photos and my nails were photographed under artificial lighting only – but it is close enough):

IMG_5862 IMG_5869 IMG_5883

It’s violet with tiniest pink and blue shimmer. On the bottle it says “ultra schnelltrocknend” which means it’s ultra fast dry, and it really is a fast drying polish, but with a funny formula, it’s very thick. It bothered me, that the polish on the “brushstick” above the bristles of the brush was getting goopy while I was painting my nails, it seems a bit of a waste to me. However, when I accidentally bumped my finger and smudged my not yet completely dry polish, all it took was another layer of it on that finger and there was no sign of the accident – the polish is that thick (and I didn’t have to wait for ages for all the layers to dry). The brush is flat and it says on the bottle that that enables you a perfect application – I disagreed, but I think the formula is to blame. I had a lot of cleaning up to do, but when I was done with it, I loved it :))) P2, you are completely forgiven, for the shade you made is just gorgeous!! What do you think? :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My newbies #1

Hy all! :) I’m really tired from not getting enough sleep, but I want to do this post as the last thing I do today– I want to show you some new nail polishes I got recently. I know I’m a nail polish hoarder, but painting my nails and watching my painted nails gives me such joy, color makes me happy :) When I was a student, I used to be a marker hoarder, all of my notes were in all colors, it was much easier to study that way and I kind of felt like a kid coloring a coloring book, it motivated me :)) I still have my drawers full of paper in all colors, empty notebooks, pens and markers, but I don’t need them anymore since I graduated. I guess I’m compensating that with nail polish now :)))
Anyway, let’s get down to business. First two polishes are from my boyfriend :))) He bought them for me when he was in Germany, I was so happy :)))) Even though my nail polish obsession seems funny to him, he supports me, isn’t that sweet? :))))) Check out the beauties of P2:


He said he didn’t know which ones to get :D so he took the ones that were on the shelf with the sign “NEW” :D These are 532 Blue’s brothers and 544 My place or yours? They are very dark but shine in the sun :)))
The second one is my first OPI! Yes, I’ve bought an OPI! :D It was on sail, all of the shatters are on sail, but to me it is still expensive, it was 40% off, 7,8€, but I’ve bought it the day I received my first paycheck ^ ^ Here’s OPI Turqoise shatter:


The third one has been on my wish list for a long time and a dear friend of mine bought it for me when she was in London. When I wanted to pay for it, she insisted it was a gift from her :)) <3 I’m talking about Barry M Indigo:


Next ones are the ones that caught my eye in the drugstore: Depend shatter polish nr. 5013 – purple with golden shimmer and Depend polish nr. 313 – a violet polish with green shimmer:


Also bought with my first paycheck was H&M polish “Oh la la” – a coral shade with golden shimmer. You can only see a hint of a shimmer on this photo, I’m sorry for that :/


And I’ve chosen only one polish from Essence’s LE Class of 2013, the blue one named Rules of being cool:


I really have to stop myself from buying most of the stuff from limited editions, because I know I already own so many beautiful things – this applies both to polishes and make up (but I did buy two eyeshadow pens from this collection, 01 Want to be my freshman and 03 Blues of being cool, and I really like them, they stay intact for hours on my fairly oily lids). I’m so proud of myself for not buying anything from Catrice’s Big city life LE yesterday, and I had a full rack of stuff in front of me… it was all so pretty, but for every eye shadow, blush or polish I could remember having similar shades at home (and using them only from time to time).

Ahh, now I can’t wait to paint my nails with these polishes! :))) Do you own any of these as well? How do you like them?

Monday, October 22, 2012

Kand nail plate CK-04: take #1

I could hardly wait to take time to try the Kand nail plate from Born pretty store, but indeed I had to wait because of all of my responsibilities I had. In the end, the time had come and here is what I wore! :)

I started with Essence Show Your Feet polish Pop Pastel Blue. I had a bit of a problem with it, but I’m starting to realize it is another one of those issues of the color – just like a creme yellow, it’s hard to apply it evenly and not streaky. (my first try was actually with a light blue S-he polish and it ended up horribly, maybe I’ll put pictures on my blog some other time)

IMG_5841 IMG_5843 

I’ve read somewhere, that Essence Gleam In Blue was a good polish for stamping, so I chose that one. I realize that my stamping skills are not perfect (yet!) ;) but here’s what I ended up with:

IMG_5848  IMG_5845
I know that the black polish made for stamping left a prettier pattern (more precise), but I really liked this manicure nevertheless. Of course I didn’t stop here, I couldn’t resist putting matte top coat on…

IMG_5849 IMG_5852 
…and so I liked it even more! :))

I’d be happy if you used my code in Born Pretty Store, the offer of 10% off still stands. :) This is the plate I used: 42 Cute Patterns Quadrate Nail Art Stamp Template CK-04 and here’s my review of it - click

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Thanks for checking this out! I hope you like it too! :)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

NOTD: Urban Orange meets The Huntsman

Hy all! Today I’m showing you another orangy manicure I wore, it is Maybelline Mini Colorama 105 Urban Orange and my ring finger is topped with Essence Snow White’s LE The Huntsman:

21092012571 21092012572


I love these kind of shimmery orange polishes! :))) This manicure is kind of similar to my previous one (click), I think it’s great for the Halloween era we have right now ;)

Thanks for reading! :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vollare cosmetics Joy polishes – yay or nay? Joy 244 shimmery yellow

Hey hey, I am sorry, but I have a crazy time schedule at the moment, so I had to prepare a few posts upfront with some of my past manicures I wasn’t able to publish yet. I hope you enjoy my posts, and I hope to get back on track as soon as possible. Thanks for understanding! :)

When the feeling of summer was slipping away and I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to it yet, I searched for a beautiful shimmery yellow polish. I couldn’t find any shade that I liked until the cheap Joy polish found me in the store, it cost less than a Euro. I was so happy I found the perfect color for me, I don’t really like the creamy yellow on my nails. :P Here’s the photo of the bottle:


Because I don’t have the time during the week anymore to sit down and spend hours doing my manicure, waiting for the polish to dry, I put it on before going to sleep – it was the only time I had and I really wanted to wear it. By the time the polish on my right hand was touch dry, I tested my left hand and just a light touch made it slip away from my nail completely. :/ I pushed it back on, but then I had to go to bed, I was losing the precious time to sleep as it was, even though on the other hand I was worried what my manicure would look like after a whole night of sleep.


To my surprise I woke up and other than that middle finger disaster from the past night all the other nails remained perfect! Now I am puzzled, do I like these cheap polishes or not? I had a bad experience before, but this yellow was just the one I was looking for…

IMG_5649 IMG_5653

What are your experiences with these cheap Vollare polishes?

Sunday, October 7, 2012

NOTD: Catrice Wild, Wild West-side + Essence Make It Golden

Hey hey, I am sorry, but I have a crazy time schedule at the moment, so I had to prepare a few posts upfront with some of my past manicures I wasn’t able to publish yet. I hope you enjoy my posts, and I hope to get back on track as soon as possible. Thanks for understanding! :)

I was so in love with my Catrice Wild, Wild West-side polish (see photos of it in my previous post) I didn’t want to take it off for a while. But to make things more special, I decided to put Essence Make It Golden on top. Here’s the end result:


Orange and golden make a beautiful combination in my opinion…. <3

Thanks for checking it out! :)

Friday, October 5, 2012

NOTD: Catrice Wild, Wild West-side polish - Upper Wild Side LE

Hey hey, I am sorry, but I have a crazy time schedule at the moment, so I had to prepare a few posts upfront with some of my past manicures I wasn’t able to publish yet. I hope you enjoy my posts, and I hope to get back on track as soon as possible. Thanks for understanding! :)

I bought this polish about a month ago, just at the time when I saw an Oooh, Shinies’ post on new Cirque All Hallow’s Eve Kabocha polish. Since Cirque is a bit out of reach for me and Catrice was right there, I bought the latter. It’s definitely not a dupe, but I don’t care, I like it! It has a “suede effect” finish so I didn’t put any top coat on.

A few photos under artificial light/flash:

IMG_5716 IMG_5718



IMG_5731 IMG_5735

And in the sun:



I don’t know why but all of a sudden I’m really into orange, I love this kind of pumpkin like color (and I never liked it before). It was two coats, no difficulties, although I’m not yet used to the really broad brush Catrice has now.

Besides this orange polish I also took the brown shimmery one from this collection. Did anyone else get anything from this Upper Wild Side LE?