Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kand nail plate CK-04: take #2

I played with my new stamping plate from Born Pretty Store again, the base polish is P2 My place or yours? and for stamping I used Essence nail art magnetics 01 Miracle shine. I smudged the design a little bit on some fingers at the beginning of stamping, but I got a hang of it after stamping about three fingers. Later on I actually liked it like that (see the pinky of my left hand), but I was also lazy and had no time to obsess with perfection at night, that’s why I was ok with it not being perfect. But if you have a problem with stampings not being 100%, just skip this post ;) (btw, a colleague of mine has a saying, “there is emptiness in perfection” ;))

Left hand:


Right hand:


I don’t exactly know where I was looking when I stamped the middle finger of my right hand, I missed the center totally :D But then I just filled the bald spot in with the other side of the stamp, so the pattern is a actually cut in half. And again, I liked it. :) The patterns are just big enough for my small nails, I actually managed to place the pattern on my left thumb in dead center of the nail and it was big enough. However I wasn’t as precise on my right hand thumb so I had to stamp it twice.

You can find this plate here: 42 Cute Patterns Quadrate Nail Art Stamp Template CK-04 and here’s my review of it – click. For ordering anything you can use my code for discount, CHL91. Thanks! :)

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How do you like this manicure? Are your stampings always immaculate? Thanks for your comments! :)

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