Friday, January 4, 2013


Happy New Year everybody!! I really want to thank you all for checking in, reading my blog and commenting, somehow I feel like I “know” some of you =) I’m glad I’m not doing this writing just for myself ^ ^ My 2012 was really amazing, it continued a great streak from 2011, my life turned a way I had previously only dreamed about – so please, dare to dream, it can come true =))) Yes the dream is exhausting and it takes up so much of my time (it’s like a second job), but the rewards, man, the rewards are sooooo worth it! =)))) And on top of that, 2012 brought the birth of my blog and many many many new nail polishes! ;))

Speaking of which, it’s time to show you what I’ve been wearing on New Year’s Eve. My manicure was more wintery than glamorous, but I really wanted to play with some of my new polishes and I wanted to do something special, some kind of nail art and not just simply applying polish. So I started with this goooooorgeous new Kiko 336 I bought in Germany – I think it deserves two photos:


It’s a fabulous substitute for P2 Gigantic =P The formula is amazing, it’s completely opaque in two layers and it dries fast, I’m in love =))

I used this Kiko as my basis, I then took a nail stamp plate and stamped two snowflakes on my ring finger, one white (Essence Stamp me white) and one silver (Manhattan LE Liquid metals). With an older Ingrid sparkling white polish (originally destined for french manicure) I sponged snow on the tips of my nails – it was the first time I ever used a sponge, yes, that’s how fresh I still am at this =P It’s not that perfect but I was pleased. Here’s what it looked like:


As if that wasn’t enough, I wanted to have something more, I used a P2 Holo top coat to spice it up (LOL now I see written on it “glamurous finish” – I guess I was a little bit glamurous ;))) the end result was this:


I’m so happy I got to do this, I had such fun doing it =))) Unfortunately the white Ingrid polish turned out to be too old or something because it never thoroughly dried (Better than gel top coat couldn’t save it) and it got smudged the next day… =( At least I get to observe photos if nothing else…. ;) Thank you for checking this out, I’d be happy to read any comments if you have them! =)


  1. Tale lak je res lep.
    Manikura je pa res čudovita :)

  2. Čudovito manikuro si nosila. :) Ah, Kiko. Jaz sem čisto zaljubljena v to barvo in bi rada dodala ta lak moji zbirki, čeprav imam verjetno že preveč lakov podobnih odtenkov. Nič zato. :)
    Vse najlepše ti želim v novem letu in uspešno bloganje. :)

    1. Hvala Taya, enako tudi tebi! ;) Ma mislim, da je tole res moja najljubša barva (čeprav bi se je naveličala, če bi imela samo to).

  3. What gorgeous color of nail polish :)

    1. It is, isn't it! =) Thanks for comment Claudia! =)