Thursday, January 24, 2013

NOTD: Rest in the forest on smokey lilac

Hy everybody,

I guess I overworked myself and my body said stop and rest… I’m down with the flu. It’s been a few days now and by now I’ve stopped feeling like being run down by a truck, I’m still sick though. I’m good enough to have the laptop on top of me in my bed and I’m not sleeping all the time :)

Here’s what I wore on my nails a few days ago, Beauty UK’s Smokey lilac, I don’t know why the price on was only 0,5 €, but with that price it would be a sin not to order it with other stuff…


I don’t know what it is with these dirty lilac shades, I just love them <3 I just wanted to spice this up a bit with an accented nail and I chose to layer Catrice’s Siberian Call LE polish, Rest in the forest:


I liked what I saw so much that I decided to layer Rest in the forest on all of my nails:


My god how I love this combination!! <3 I kept staring at my nails for days :)))

As far as the polishes goes, I had a little trouble with Smokey lilac, the application wasn’t as smooth as I would want it to be, there were some bubbles and it wasn’t leveling out by itself, otherwise it was fine, I really like the color. I had no trouble at all with Rest in the forest, if I were to pick a down side of this polish it would only be it’s sheerness – but then again these two polishes together make such a gorgeous combination!! :)

Do you agree? :)


  1. Oba sta čudovita <3 Umazane roza so tudi meni poseblno ljube, pa sploh ne maram roza :)

    1. Kakšno leto in pol nazaj ne bi sploh pogledala takega odtenka... zanimivo, kako se mi okus spreminja =)

  2. Krasna kombinacija, lepo izgleda. :)

  3. res je super mi zdaj dala malo upanja da mogoče pa Rest in the forest le ni tako slab :D

    1. Ti ni bil všeč, premajhna prekrivnost al barva?
      Aja btw taggala sem tvoj blog v The Liebster award ;)