Sunday, December 30, 2012

A lapsed post revived after two months

Me and my blog posting time – or rather lack of it. Somehow I never got to post this one, even though I wanted to show this so much, I was so happy to get it and it means so much to me =) Yet time passed so swiftly and this kept waiting. Now that it’s the end of the year and everybody is putting up pictures of their Christmas gifts, I have a special post dedicated just to show you, what my dear boyfriend brought me from Germany two months ago, when I couldn’t go with him and everyone else.

He asked me beforehand what polishes I would like to have if they had any time for shopping and I’ve emailed him two photos, an H&M “Blue my mind” and a P2 “Gigantic” (if there was one to get by any chance, I know that it has been discontinued). Later on he told me while he was still there, that no H&M he had been to was selling polishes (other than the small ones we get here in Slovenia as well), nor he could find Gigantic (understandable). But he told me that he got something else instead, I couldn’t wait for him to get back home and see the goodies for myself! =)))

Here’s what he brought home for me:


He bought the P2 crackling polish in the similar color to “Gigantic”, the black Colorama he bought because it was Halloween and he wanted to complete his mask and wear it but then ended up not using it at all, and the silvery Misslyn was a bonus for me (I guess he wanted to surprise me with something extra). How amazing is that! =))))) <3<3<3

My girlfriends later told me how sweet he was running back and forth between polish stands in the drugstore, asking them whether they think I would like this or that polish… <3<3<3 =)))) Not only that, he told me that prior to buying any, he also checked and made sure that the brushes were intact!! xDDD

Even though I had no time to publish this sooner, I think it deserved a post of its own. Love is truly showing in the smallest details in life and I am a really lucky girl to have such a thoughtful man! Thank you my love!!! <3<3<3 You truly are the best and I love you dearly! =))))) =**********


  1. Lahko si ponosna na svojega fanta. :D
    Od lakov, ki si jih želela, pa na žalost nobenega več ni v prodaji, H&M Blue My Mind so tudi umaknili iz prodaje, mislim, da že pred časom.

    1. O, tega pa nisem vedela. K sreči lepih lakcev ne zmanjka =))

  2. Super fanta imaš :) Prav imaš, tiste malenkosti so najbolj pomembne :)

  3. Super fant! :)
    Jooj, si jaz želim, da bi imeli p2 pri nas ... :)