Thursday, January 10, 2013

NOTD: Butler please crackle some star dust

I know, I know, it’s not really original, but after a week of not enough sleep and working all days my brain wouldn’t come up with anything better for a title. I just wanted to post again since I am not doing it regularly. In my last post I reviewed my first Essie, thought it was bad and I couldn’t leave it just like that. I am now a proud owner of gazillion new polishes I bought in Germany and it was time to try some more of them out. ;)

I had my eyes on Misslyn Star dust top coat from Future Glam collection for quite some time but had the misfortune of always getting to an empty rack in Slovenia. Now it’s mine! =P Of course my camera had a mind of it’s own regarding colors again (it was much prettier in RL), but check this beauty out!



Oh the sparkling!


…and later I added a purple P2 Crackle polish on my ring fingernail:




Sure, crackles may be out of style now, but I still like them. What do you think?


  1. Tole je pa zelo lepa nadgradnja manikure. :)
    Sicer pa, če boš kdaj hotela kaj od Misslyn-a in pri vas zmanjka, kar meni povej, pri nas je vedno vse polno. ;)

  2. just gorgeous!<3
    I still like crackle too :)

  3. Crackle res ni out of style! vsaj pri meni ne! ;)
    Drugače pa prekrasna manikura! Tale topper je prekrasen! <3

    1. No super, nisem edina, ki je še vedno navdušena nad razpokanci ;) Ja tale topper <3 je bil z razlogom na WL =) Hvala za komentar! =)

  4. This is a fantastic layering! so pretty!