Sunday, July 22, 2012

Depend magnetic polish #6006

Ahhhh, I had time to try this one out! :)))) This is the first time I applied magnetic polish as a whole manicure, I have some Essence magnetic polishes but I’ve never been able to do a nice pattern – maybe the problem was in the magnet, I’ll have to try again with a Depend one. Anyway, check this beauty out!

With flash:

IMG_4930 IMG_4940 IMG_4944a IMG_4953 IMG_4956 IMG_4966 

And two pictures outdoors, the sun was struggling to shine through the clouds:




I am dying to know what it would look like in the sunshine…

I’ve put two layers on, the second one is magnetized. I didn’t put any top coat on yet because I tried putting it on my right hand and it smudged the design. I’ve read that the magnetic polish has to be completely dry before applying top coat, maybe I’ll try it later on my left hand as well. I really like the formula, it applies really nicely.

Do you own Depend magnetic polishes, do you like it?


  1. Zelenega magnetnega lakca pa še menda nisem videla, zelo lep! :) Mogoče ga bom kupila in nosila samega (nisem ravno fen magnetnih vzorčkov). :)

    Btw, na morju sem končno napackala Grumpy-a in pravkar napisala objavo (kjer sem te seveda linkala). ;)