Sunday, July 22, 2012

Kinetics – Forget-Me-Not polish

As I posted before, this was my first holiday manicure. I bought this polish on a discount, the regular price was 3,99€ and I payed 30% less – 2,8€. It looks sooooooo nice in the bottle, a duochrome, if you could only see what my eyes see and what my camera won’t capture… I tried different settings, but none is perfect :(

Here are some pictures of the bottle. First one in the sun:


Now this was taken indoors, I really tried to capture the duochrome, but the blue is now off and the pictures are blurry:



These colors together are a bit more accurate, but the camera looses sight of the whole duochrome and shows it only in the middle:


Ok, enough of the bottle, here are my nails, first photo was taken indoors with flash and others outdoors on a cloudy day:





I love this color, sadly as I’ve said before, this polish isn’t the best. It is very sheer, I’ve put on three coats and it still wasn’t completely opaque and the tips of my nails were soon worn out as well. No sign of a duochrome on nails. Such a shame for such a beauiful polish :( I’m not gonna give up on it though, I like this blue color with blue glitter too much.

Do you own any Kinetics polishes? What do you think of them?

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