Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mashup #2

Hy, I’m back! :) I was on holidays and I had a little time off from my computer. But of course I couldn’t resist painting my nails, this is why I decided to put some of my vacations’ manicures in one post so that I don’t bore you with too much photos :)

It is summer, and summer means bright colors, so I finally got the courage to paint my (toe) nails with an acid green Ruby kisses polish “RNP129 Green tomatoes”:




I’m not usually bold enough to wear a color like this, but it IS summer and I got away with it! I loooooove this green! Later on I put a Depend pink crackle polish on, but I have no photo of it. I really like the way Depend crackle polishes crackle :)

The second manicure I have for you is with a polish you probably all know of, a slightly holographic violet Catrice Dirty Berry. I’ve had it for some time now, but never really felt like wearing it much even though I always loved the holographic part of it. Of course when I applied it I loved it on my nails, I guess the time for it had to be right! :)




Next on is again something I resisted wearing before, mostly because I had no faith that the formula is any good (the prejudice because of the cheap price). I gave in and tried it because I was really craving for another really bright color, and again, I fell in love with it! This is a Miss sporty 7 days number 380, a pink polish with tiny violet shimmer, I know that it is probably not available anymore, but maybe you can still find it somewhere… here it is:




In the pictures I see that there are visible brush strokes, but I didn’t see them at the time I was wearing it – maybe I was too astounded with the color, especially seeing it in the sun… There are no visible brush strokes on pictures that were taken off direct sunshine though. The polish dried really fast, and one thick coat would be enough for it to be opaque (but as always, I put two).

While me and my boyfriend were having a stroll down Zadar’s beach, he took the most beautiful photo and I didn’t even know that at the time:



…. :)))))) <3 …a dose of insulin needed indeed, sorry! ;)

So as we were in Zadar, I had to check their drugstores of course… and just about a week before I went there, I was thinking about how could I franken something to get a polish that is no longer available, for it was a part of a last year’s TE (at that time I wasn’t yet paying as much attention to colorful nail polishes). I walked into the Kozmo drugstore and behold, an Essence Blossoms TE! I can’t believe I got my hands on this beauty!!




It is mine, all mine!! :)))))))) And I got a lot of positive comments on my nails while wearing this polish ^ ^ I don’t know how come this is still sold there, and in DM I saw a stand of last year’s Essence Holografics TE! o.O But hey, why not if they still have it, bring it on! :)

This concludes my mashup #2 post, I’ll just put in a little sneak peak of what I bought recently in Macedonia and am amazed by the quality of the polishes given the price was a little less or about 1€:


She bunny haul


….more on these some other time, thank you for reading! :)

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