Saturday, November 24, 2012

NOTD: Gilded

Twilight – the saga I know (almost) nothing about and something that interests me like dust on a shelf. However, every year it brings about Essence’s awesome trend editions and this year’s was no exception! I thought I was going to buy all four polishes, but somehow sanity kicked in when I was at the stand and I left one shade (!) on the shelf – Edward’s love just seemed too much like last years Hunt me if you can (and I’ve read about that before, but was certain I was going to get it anyway). So this is how I became a proud owner of three new polishes from Essence’s Breaking Dawn Trend Edition (I also bought the lipstick, love that shimmer!).

The problem was, I was so in love with the Maybelline Colorama 145 I showed you in my last post, I didn’t want to take it off just yet. And since I’ve read that the golden A piece of forever polish from Breaking Dawn was good for stamping, I once again pulled out my Kand nail plate CK-04 that I got from Born Pretty Store. Here are the results:




And the last photo was taken in the daylight:


You can see I wanted to have both polishes in my hand, boy it gave me trouble, LOL! :D But I love that combination!

If you like this stamping plate, you can get it here: 42 Cute Patterns Quadrate Nail Art Stamp Template CK-04 and you can use my discount code CHL91

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  1. Pismo so lepi! :) Že malo božični. ;)

    1. Pa res!! Sploh nisem pomislila na to! =) Hvala! =)

  2. Mene pa na jesen spominjajo :) Lepo zelo <3

  3. I'm so envy of that! I tried to do something like that too and it was such a fail..please check it out in my blog and join my little community of friends in polish! :)

    1. Maybe you should try again, practice makes perfect (or at least better ;)) =)

  4. OMG <3 your work :) instant follower :)

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