Saturday, November 17, 2012

NOTD: Barry M Indigo

I’ve posted about this polish before, a dear friend of mine bought it for me in London and then refused to take any payment for it, saying it’s her souvenir for me, how sweet! :))

This one has been on my wish list for a loooooong time. It’s a beautiful blurple that of course my camera had trouble capturing. In addition to that, the first time I had it on, for some reason my top coat bubbled on me badly, but I did take some photos anyway. Later on I removed it and noticed my nails peeling :( I had to file them down, I can’t seem to grow my nails longer now… I will have to do something about it, but until later I will have to be showing you my little nubbins again… Here are photos from both “photo sessions”, the color is not as blue as in the first photo and not as violet as in the second one… try to imagine something in between….



And finally a photo taken under direct sunlight, yay sun! :))) I guess this is the most color accurate photo:


I’m so happy I have this one, the color is fabulous, the formula grand, the application effortless! :)))

Do you like Barry M polishes as much as I do? :)))


  1. Nimam nobenega Barry M laka (še), velikokrat so me mikali, kupila si pa še nisem katerega.
    Tale je pa čudovit <3

    1. Barry M ma res fajn lakce =))) Tudi cena je čisto sprejemljiva =)

  2. Krasen je, jaz ga tudi imam, ampak fotkat pravo barvo mi je pa misija nemogoče. :D

    1. Jaz imam ta problem z vsemi modrimi/viola laki =/// Ampak ja, krasen! =)))

  3. Ful mi je lep! Bo treba počasi kak Barry M lakec kupit... :)