Friday, November 23, 2012

NOTD: New Maybelline Colorama 145

Hello my dear polishholics! First I have to apologize for not quickly responding to your dear comments on my past three posts, I scheduled them upfront and didn’t think to mention that (I’ll make sure to include that information in the future, just so you know) and couldn’t answer until I got back to Slovenia. But thank you thank you thank you all for your comments, it really means a lot to me! <3

Today I have such an amazing polish to show to you, perfect for autumn! I was curious what the new polishes from Maybelline Colorama are like so I bought this beautiful red shade with golden shimmer. I wear red so rarely, I’m definitely a pink kind of girl (mostly because I don’t have a fashion sense at all and so combining different clothes gives me a headache, even more so when it comes to red vs. pink – so much easier to stick to just one and not to think about it too much… not really proud of that though or pleased with either, maybe I’ll have to change that… =/ ). OK, here are the photos!

The first one is taken under the direct artificial light (and I think this is what it would look like under the sunlight):

And the second one just under the plain light in my room which gave it a more brownish shade (kind of like in the shade =D):

I had no trouble with the application, the polish dried quickly, I painted it in two layers. The new bottles contain 7ml whereas the old ones had 7,5ml of polish, the price however I think is the same, a little less than 3€.

Check out the color and the golden shimmer! Isn’t it just gorgeous! Man, I have to wear red more often! =)))

Have you also bought any new Colorama polishes yet, do you like them?

Thanks for reading! =)


  1. Res je lep, pa paše ti :)
    Nimam še katerega, vendar so me že večkrat mikali :)

    1. Hvala Zala! =) Sicer pa sem zadovoljna tudi s prejšnjo linijo lakov Colorame, meni so fajn =)

  2. Tegale sem pa danes prov gledla v trgovini. Ugh, zakaj ga nisem vzela!! :D

    1. A res! =D Zdaj moraš pa čakat do naslednjič, ko boš spet tam... ;))