Thursday, October 31, 2013

N.NAIL Halloween Stamping Plate and N.Nail Mini Size Scraper & Stamp review

I love Halloween, I love the cats and witches and spider webs and all other symbols connected to it. In the last 10-15 years it’s popularity grew a lot in Slovenia, before that we never really celebrated it. We have our own masquerade holiday in February/March to “scare” the winter away, but it doesn’t hurt to have another holiday to party in outfits ;)

For this occasion I am posting a review of a N.Nail stamping plate, scraper and stamp from KKCenterHk store.

Here are the photos:



As you can see it’s not really only a Halloween plate since it also has some other summery motives. On the photo above the protective foil was still on the plate. When I removed it, I got a bit disheartened – the plate is a little bit damaged, it has a lot of small holes all over it, especially where the ghost design is, and it has a distinct scratch beside the seahorse.

I had to be careful not to get the polish into these holes and scratch, because they transfer as well. Otherwise the designs themselves transfer very good, I had no problem with them:

I also stamped a few of them on my nails (I was clumsy with my pinky, the pumpkin didn’t come through alright =P):

    IMG_9148 IMG_9150 IMG_9151 IMG_9152

The motives are quite small, I notice that now that I have such long nails (btw they are getting too long now, I’ll have to shorten them). Otherwise the plate is fun to use, the scraper is plastic which I LOOOVEE (I hate metal scrapers that damage the plate) but I was a little clumsy with the mini stamp, I got used to the bigger one with a 5 cm handle and I kept dropping this one. It did it’s job very well, but with such long nails it was hard for me to hold it.

If you like this plate you can get it here, and the scraper and stamp is linked here. Right now KKCenterHk has a special offer for Halloween, everything is 20% off. You can also use my unique coupon code: COLORFULHARMONY for 10% off (it’s valid until 31st of January 2014).

Happy Halloween everybody! =)


  1. Wow, paleta je res krasna, sploh čarovnica mi je všeč. :)

    1. Čarovnice so pa sploh zakon! ;)) Šalo na stran, prav lepo se odtisnejo tile motivi =) Včasih so kakšne palete malo bolj komplicirane, tale res ni =) Seveda če odmislim poškodbe na ploščici...

  2. joj imam ovu pločicu, meni je super... žao mi je što ti je oštećena, ali neće nitko ni primjetiti ;)

    1. Ma da, ali ja trebam obratiti pažnju, da lak ne ide tamo, jer imam onda i tačke i onu crtu po noktima... =P Hvala za komentar! =)

  3. Opaaa, super! Zelooooo všeeeeeč! :-)

  4. Meni pa je duhec všeč in pajčevina. (: