Monday, August 13, 2012

NOTD – Catrice Coolibri C05 Virgin Forest + stickers + S-he stylezone 235 tape mani

Hy! Today I have something new to show, I’ve never done a tape manicure before and I decided to give it a try. Two days ago I painted my nails with a green Catrice Coolibri polish “C05 Virgin Forest”, I mattified my ring finger nails with Essence Soft touch top coat and then put some cheap nail stickers on that I bought in KIK (I used one pink and one brown flower). Here are the stickers, I used the ones on the left:


And here are my nails (the photos were taken indoors):



I didn’t like the way the edge of the sticker was showing. I had a dilemma, should I put another layer of top coat on (and which one, glossy or matte?) to hide the edges or just leave it as it is… I tried putting another layer of Soft touch on my right hand ring finger…


…but as it made such a little difference, I left my left hand the way it was. Later on I smoothed the edges of a sticker a bit and it is better, it doesn’t show as much as on the photos above – you’ll see later on.

The tips of my nails wore off very soon but as I didn’t want to take the green off just yet, I tried to hide that with a violet S-he stylezone polish number 235 and a tape manicure two days later :) For the top coat I used Essence Better than gel nails top sealer, it is my go to top polish at the moment.

Here’s how it all looks like in the end, one photo taken indoors and one in the sun:



I love the crisp lines the tape helps you get, I’m sure I’ll make some more tape manis in the future! How do you like it?