Sunday, March 3, 2013

Zoya – Aurora stamped with MASH #46

Of course I couldn’t leave my new stamping plates alone, after one day of wearing Zoya Aurora by itself I decided I want to stamp it as well. First I thought I would stamp all nails but then I changed my mind because this polish is too beautiful to cover it all up. I chose a simple and elegant flowery pattern and stamped my thumb and ring finger nails on both hands with Manhattan Liquid metals LE silver polish 101Z. The images are way bigger than my nails so I had to improvise how to place the pattern on my nail. The stamping was super easy, these Mash plates are amazing! The first image I stamped was crisp and perfect, so was the second one, my lack of stamping skills then showed in my third and fourth attempt and I had to somehow re-stamp on the existing image – it turned out great anyway. Unfortunately there was no sun when I took these first pictures:

IMG_7529                                                                       Daylight (re-stamped image)

IMG_7534                                                                     Daylight – with a little bit less of light

IMG_7541                                                                   The original image (not re-stamped)

IMG_7548                                                                                        In detail

IMG_7562                                                                            Under artificial light

IMG_7573                                                                            Under artificial light

As I’ve mentioned in the previous post, I had no time to change this manicure during the week, but I really didn’t want to change it anyway (even today I’m still wearing it!). The last days have been sunnier so yesterday I took more photos of the same manicure (mind you, 7 days old!!) in the sun:



I think the pictures have done all the talking. Zoya Aurora is just great and so are the MASH stamping plates.


  1. Beautiful pictures!
    I love Aurora and the stamping is perfect <3

  2. 7 dni? Jaz imam srečo, če mi zdrži 2 dni. Prav lepo si jo nadgradila. :)

  3. na mojem blogu te čaka nominacija za Liebster award :)

  4. Res lepo, rabim tale Zoya lak, čudovit je! :)
    Vidim, da me je sicer že nekdo prehitel - nominirala sem te za Liebster award, več info je na mojem blogu :)

  5. Aurora is an exceptionally pretty polish - look at that depth! Love the Liquid Metals as well. Normally metallic polishes are lousy for stamping.
    My Beauty Junction

    1. I agree about Aurora, I am amazed by it! =)) But I disagree about metallic polishes being lousy for stamping, I have very good experiences with them. But yes, not every polish is good for stamping, you have to try each one out. Thanks for commenting! =)

  6. Hej! zelo mi je všeč tvoj blog zato sem te nominirala za Liebster award :) lep dan še naprej :)

  7. Hi I've just nominated you for the Liebster award head over to my blog to see the rules x