Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My USA haul

I’m so happy of what I’m about to show you today =)) I have a friend from USA that visits Slovenia every two months or so and I’ve asked him if he can order some stuff for me and bring it here and he said it’s no problem =)) So I went hunting for stamping plates on Amazon (I like the ones I have but I’m a little fed up with the same image patterns). I found and ordered two sets, Red Angel 101-121 and Mash 26-50 stamping plates (for 17$ and 16$, shipping included).

And right at that time I saw this add on a foreign blog:


Three Zoyas for free, just the cost of shipping! I know it says USA only, but he’s from USA and he ordered three polishes of my own choice for 10$! That’s three Zoyas! =))) I couldn’t wait for him to arrive again! =) Here’s what he brought me:

- Red Angel stamping plates:



Here are the patterns (picture from Amazon):

red angel plates

- Mash stamping plates:


The patterns from their add are almost invisible, so I chose to link a lovely review from Marta (ChitChatNails) if you want to see the images =)

- last but definitely not least, my three Zoyas, Crystal, Aurora and Tru:



OMG OMG OMG, I’m sooooo happy!!! =)))) Thanks for checking this out! =))


  1. Wow, you did a really good choice and your friend is great :-D
    I love Zoya polishes and hate that these great promos are not for international ladies! :-P

    1. Yeah, it sucks doesn't it, they should have it internationally!

  2. Jaz bi tudi takega prijatelja. :P
    Super stvari si dobila. Ah, Zoye. Vedno smo prikrajšani za odlične ameriške akcije.
    Nestrpno pričakujem nove manikure z novimi pridobitvami. :D

    1. Trenutno nosim Auroro... in ne vem, kdaj jo bom menjala... =DD Sem jo pa pofotkala, samo še spravit moram v objavo =)

  3. Kje se dobijo taki prijatelji? :P
    Že komi čakam swatche lakov :)

    1. Kot sem Tayi napisala, prva je bila na vrsti Aurora, pa si je res ne želim še spravit z nohtov =PPP Upam, da bom objavla asap =)

  4. Super prijatelja imaš, jaz bi tudi :D
    Lakci so naravnost čudoviti :)

  5. OOOO, kako sem ti favš =). Super nakup, imaš pa res zelo dobrega prijatelja =)!

    Jaz sem si tudi zelo močno želela RA šablone, in sedaj jih bom dobila od svoje swapperke. Res jih komaj čakam =)