Sunday, September 30, 2012

Skittles manicure for Make Up Store Lava

Hy everyone! :) I know I said I’m gonna make some stampings with my brand new Kand plate and I will, don’t worry. :) It’s just that I had to test something else before that, because skittles manicure is not really work appropriate, and Kand stamping is, I chose to do skittles first.

When I was in Sweden in August, as usual on any trips, I wanted to get a nail polish souvenir. It means more to me than buying a picture or an object representing local sights and then just collects dust in my room. I take personal pictures of local sights on my own anyway and more importantly, I carry the memories with me all the time. The problem was, Sweden is so darn expensive. Nevertheless, I couldn’t resist buying a beautiful polish by Make Up Store named Lava, especially since it was on the rack of 50% off – it “only” cost me 60 Swedish Crowns (that was 7,29€). For someone that is used to buying low budget polishes that is a lot – but it was well worth it! :) (I have to add, I’ve been to Sweden before and I bought a polish from Make Up Store before, but it was the time when I was in a black polish phase, and now I can’t believe I spent more than 14€ on a black polish with silver shimmer that is as ordinary as any other polish of that color… – true, I wasn’t buying polishes as often as I do now.)

Enough talking, check out the Lava!




Ah, the beauty! :)) I decided to make a skittles manicure to see which colors go best with it!

My right hand:


The polishes I used from pinky to thumb are:

  • Manhattan quick dry 1010N (black creme)
  • Pupa M165 (silver foil)
  • Giordani Gold Crimson (jelly red)
  • S-he stylezone 330 (brown creme)
  • Catrice Coolibri LE C05 Virgin Forest (shimmery bright green)

My left hand:


The polishes I used from thumb to pinky are:

  • Essence Twins 07 Chuck (blue creme)
  • Essence Twins 08 Gabriella (purple creme with blue shimmer)
  • Essence Twins 06 Bella (teal creme)
  • Maybelline Mini Colorama 105 Urban orange (orange with golden shimmer)
  • Maybelline Mini Colorama 100 Urban lemon (creme yellow)

And here are the photos of the result!

IMG_5785 IMG_5822 IMG_5780 IMG_5824

I particularly like the effect it has on brown, green, teal, purple and blue! :)

What do you think, do you like flakies?


  1. V steklenički je res vau! Kot mavrična ribica. :D
    Zanimivo, da na nohtih izgleda kot večina krpic, ko se pokažejo zlasti oranžno-zelene krpice.

    Ampak še vedno ustvari zelo všečen efekt. :) Meni se zelo dopade, kako izgleda na rumeni podlagi, ki ji vdahne posebno globino.

  2. Ja, v steklenički izgleda res dah jemajoče! :) Sicer se na fotografijah manj vidi, ampak ima poleg teh oranžno-zelenih krpic še male plave pikice/krpice, ki se vidijo samo ob določenem kotu in določeni svetlobi. Slike najbrž niso nikoli čisto identične realnosti :/ Hvala za comment Meri! :)))