Saturday, April 19, 2014

Shimmer Polish Giveaway Winner – ME! #1 Cleo

I am a winner of a giveaway??? =D I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a post from Shimmer Polish ( on Facebook ( that Colorful Harmony is among the winners of her giveaway. I thought for sure it had to be someone else with the same name, I’ve never won anything before (oh, I’ve tried!! =D). And now it turned out to be true!!! ^ ^

I owe a huge huge apology to Shimmer Polish for not posting this post back in November (!) when I got two of her amazingly beautiful polishes, Cleo and Courtney:


The fact is I haven’t posted anything since November 2013! =( Thank god for some holidays to make up for the lost time…
Today I’m showing you the first of the two Shimmer polishes, Cleo:




I mean OMG!!! How pretty is this! And how it shines on my nails!!! DROOOOL!!! I adore glitter polishes, as you can see this one is teal and holographic glitter in a purple base. Oh how I wish I could end this post with an accurate colored photos… yet again, my camera has it’s own ideas of what purple is… I’ve tried everything except photoshopping them. In the end I decided to post them as they are, but keep in mind that the pictures above are more color accurate. I’ve used Essence peel off base because of all the glitters, and two layers of Cleo. The drying time is normal, but I’ve also used Essence BTGN top coat to speed it up. Gosh how pretty this is (but damn the camera’s non accurate colors)!!







I literally couldn’t stop staring at my nails!! This is definitely one of the prettiest polishes I own. My favorite colors are blue/teal and purple/pink, so Shimmer Polish couldn’t have picked better for me. =)
You can order her polishes on her website, there are so many to choose from, and they are super gorgeous!! Be sure to check them out! You can check out the swatches on her Pinterest:

Thanks again Shimmer Polish!!!


  1. The glitter is lovely, I like the combination of glitters.

  2. waw. brez besed sem ostala! <3