Monday, June 3, 2013

NOTD: NYC 148 Fuchsia Glamour

Today I’ll show you another one of my polishes from USA. I’m not sure about the price anymore but I know this one was ridiculously cheap, about 1$. I knew I wouldn’t have time to do my manicure during the week so I chose this one because it’s work appropriate. The weather conditions were bad for taking photos but I’ve managed to catch some sunrays in between =) Here are the photos, you can see some were taken when the sun was out and some when it hid behind the clouds:

IMG_8227 IMG_8228 
IMG_8234 IMG_8235 IMG_8239 IMG_8240
The polish is very sheer so I painted it in three layers, but I suspected it was going to be like that beforehand. I got a bubble here and there because of the layers but nothing horrible. I had to apply it carefully to nicely even it out as it is usually the deal with these kind of milky colored polishes, but I had no bigger problems with that either. What surprised me was the durability of this one, today (Sunday – I’m scheduling this post =P) it’s the eighth day I’m wearing it and even the tip wear is minimal to nonexistent! (I do plan to finally change my manicure today though =D) Later on I upgraded this manicure which I’ll show in the next post… =) Thanks for checking it out! =)


  1. Lahko bi tut pri nas meli kaj za 1$ ane, pa še obstojno povrhu :D Ful je lep <3 Lažem, božanski je ;)

    1. Ja ma sej pravim, vse je blo smešno poceni... OPI laki po 6$, Orly po 5$, isto China Glaze, to so čist normalne cene. Pol vidiš, kake marže si nabijejo tule =//

  2. Dejanska cena lakov. Ne pa pri nas ko cene nabijajo. Zelo poceni in čudovita barva. (: